Apps on Webbdagarna (Web Days)

Tomorrow I will give a talk on Webbdagarna. The event draws 1,000 online/web/marketing/IT gurus. And me.

I’ll say a few words on apps. Like that they weren’t really planned. They just happened, like most other major shifts in culture. We predicted but we never knew when the stars would align. Not even Steve Jobs knew, he admitted.

So, now we have a new channel for business development. Marketing. And new ways to provide users mind blowing new tools. Some businesses strike gold. Some don’t.

The two hottest trends are apps for transactions and apps for BI. And it takes app strategy to win.

And I’ll say that mobile web vs native app is a brain dead discussion. Do both. No time for religion, not even the HTML5 one.

… and I will play the flute.


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