Back in the MVP program!

I’m back in the Microsoft MVP Award community! No, I wasn’t awarded another MVP award – instead, I joined the recently launched MVP Reconnect-program!

Some of my first projects and online contributions related to Microsoft mobile technologies, and I was awarded several MVP-awards by Microsoft for my work. I made many friends through my years in the MVP-program, some I still engage with frequently. Therefore, I am glad to be onboard the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program again!

The MVP Reconnect-program is originated from Microsoft executives and former MVPs joining in comments like:

Several former MVPs grew in their careers and today, they are CTOs and decision makers. I have a lot of respect for these peers and I listen when they talk. Their experience is king and I would love to see them get involved with the community again! … I am missing the MVP networking and the people…. That energy is unique.

The program is now “a new venture designed to keep MVPs connected with Microsoft and with key professional communities”. The MVP Reconnect-program management writes:

The idea behind the program can be best described with an analogy from another industry: The Oscars are one of the most well recognized and prestigious awards in the film industry. From the moment someone wins their first Oscar, they become part of a very special community – that of Academy Award Winners – and they belong to this community forever, even if they don’t win an award every year. There is a very similar concept in our MVP community that we are helping to formalize: once an MVP, always part of the MVP community! … still deserve recognition for being a valuable part of the Microsoft ecosystem! We are very happy to announce MVP Reconnect!

MVP Reconnect is thus new a channel for me, and my team, to stay connected to other community leaders and Microsoft. As Capgemini Scandinavia CTO, engaging with partners – Microsoft and others (the list is long) – is of outmost importance.

And on a personal level: I am so looking forward to re-engaging with fellow MVPs where ever their careers may have taken them!

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