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Eight months ago, I decided to lose weight and start going to the gym for the first time in my life. I was getting fat to the point where family, friends and colleagues started to tell me they noticed. Also, having passed the 40-year-mark, doctors say you are putting yourself at health risks if you don’t eat healthy and exercise regularly. Plus some ounces of midlife crisis, some would probably say.

I signed up at a gym, booked 10+ sessions with an instructor, and started to track my calorie intake. No special diets. I also downloaded a handful of apps to help keep stay focused. I have since then lost 12+ kg (26lbs) and I continue to do weight lifting and cardio two/three times per week.

The app that helped me stay on track in the beginning was LifeSum. I tracked everything I ate and did. After three months I started to know by myself how much energy I consumed and how much I spent, so I stopped tracking every day. I also purchased a Withings scale which connects to my phone and the Withings app. It tracks weight and body fat (%), and I weigh myself a few times every week. The body fat(%) calculations/measurements are only somewhat scientific, I’ve learned. The screenshot below is my weight loss since I started. I’m not so mindful of the weight now, since I am weight lifting, although I do keep track of calories.

photo 4

I also use Runtastic’s SixPack and PushUp apps, for days I don’t go to the gym. The apps contain great workout sessions to follow. See below some screenshots. The latest SixPack app even contains helpful visualizations of body fat(%). Good for comparing with the Withings scale readings and what’s in the mirror. I started at around 30+% eight months ago, heading for that 12% (trying at least).

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

These apps have helped me significantly in my process, there are hundreds of more apps to check out. It’s not by chance that fitness apps and fitness related sensors are taking off. They do help in keeping your focus and attention to your goals.

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