Great apps and sites

Finally, I have pulled together a list of some of my top apps and top responsive sites. You can easily navigate to them using the site’s top navigation. Now, I have a structure in place and a first round of apps and sites. I’ll keep adding more.

What’s a great app?

A great app is a useful tool. It’s functionally narrowly scoped. It doesn’t try to do too much but what it does, it does with style. It looks fantastic. A great app has me come back for more, and it differs from a site in that it’s more of a tool I need often than a place for just content I need sometimes. From a business perspective, a great app accelerates processes; cut costs internally and drives revenue externally. From an IT-perspective, a great app integrates seamlessly and securely with legacy systems through scalable integration layers.

What’s a great site?

A great site is useful and looks great on any screen size. It adapts its flow of content and navigation depending on form factor. A great site doesn’t redirect the user from one page to another depending on device type, and its icon looks great on the phone’s Home Screen. The business and IT perspectives relevant for apps are equally relevant for sites.

If you have any apps or sites you’d like to see on my top lists, please do comment on this post, tweet or mail me!


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