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Hack for Sweden 2017

Hack for Sweden 2017 is now over and it’s been a privilege and inspiration to be part of the jury. More than 200 participants gathered with the objective to create new and innovative solutions based on open data/APIs from 30 government agencies.

Hack for Sweden 2017 was inaugurated by the Minister of Public Administration, Ardala Shekarabi, and he did a great job laying out his and the government’s view on the importance of open public data. It was streamed live and that video, and many more from the event, can be viewed on Hack for Sweden’s Youtube-channel.

The 54 teams worked through the night, coming up with ideas ranging from saving valuable forests, “Pokemon Go”-styled game for public interests points, solutions for matching immigrants with jobs, pollution warnings, virtual reality based visualizations of public data, and so on. It was not easy to judge, with so many ideas to choose from. Also, there is so much data to get to understand and then match with other sources, so it’s almost as if 24 hours perhaps is too short. Imagine what we could do with just one extra day!

I was very happy to see all ages, from 10-12 year olds and up to 50+ year olds. The gender balance seemed to be almost 50/50. The government agencies were well represented and they went around to the teams, helping them to understand the data and how to use the APIs. I applaud all the employees of the agencies and their energy and passion for open data.

Thank you, Angela Yong (SMHI) and Stefan Beronius (Lantmäteriet), everyone else in the team of organizers. You really managed to create a superbly coordinated event.






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Planning for “Hack for Sweden”

The largest hackathon in Sweden, “Hack for Sweden“, takes place next weekend and I’m looking forward to the privilege of being part of the jury again. Hack for Sweden is “a unique collaboration among 30 government agencies and organisations that want to enable the development of new services and products using their official open data.”

Today’s planning meeting was held at the venue in Kista (photos below). It’s a record number of participants this year, more than 200+ are registered. Among these we have talented UX’ers, designers, developers, and quite a few “innovators-of-everything”. I expect lots of IoT experiments and hope to see several soldering irons.

For those of who participating, the agenda can be found here…  See you on Saturday morning!


IMG_1640 IMG_1641 IMG_1643

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Hack for Sweden 2016

Update: I added some photos below from the last hour before submission!

Hack for Sweden 2016 is an exciting 24 hour hackathon that is just under way! The hackathon has 20+ teams and 70+ participants and they compete in creating the most innovative solution using public data and APIs from 23 participating government agencies and organizations. The competition has five awards:

  • Hack for Sweden Award (the best and most creative app/service that clearly shows the benefit of open data)
  • Best use for citizens
  • Best commercialization potential
  • Best visualization
  • Participants Award (voted by all participants)

I am thrilled to be on the jury this year and it’s inspiring to walk around and meet the teams that frantically are getting their ideas implemented.

Below are some photos from the last hour before submission:    Breakfast_Hack4Swe


Below are some photos from today’s first few hours!


IMG_4546 IMG_4551 IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4541 IMG_4544

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