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#imissbillgates (so does @FastCompany)

I’ve been using the tag #imissbillgates a number of times recently. The reason is that without him, I think Microsoft has gone astray. In the past few years without its founder, Microsoft has lost an unbelievable amount of ground.

Internet Explorer is suffering badly, Windows Mobile went terribly wrong, Sharepoint is nowhere near its Enterprise 2.0 competitors, and I won’t even mention the harm Windows Vista caused the company. We are still waiting for Windows Phone 7, and while waiting for the phones, the company releases two totally unrelated phones that seems to be rushed out the door way too quickly. I doubt any of this would have happened under its founders wings.

The FastCompany article “Microsoft Needs Bill Gates Back” is on the same lines and starts out with a blunt statement:

Steve Ballmer needs to be replaced as Microsoft CEO … by Bill Gates.

I admire Steve Ballmer for his energy and passion, but #imissbillgates.

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