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Day of mobile and passion

This morning I had a meeting on the topic of selling apps. Right after the meeting I headed over the bridge to Denmark. Sogeti Denmark had a company meeting and I was invited to give a presentation on the topic of passion. So, I delivered the presentation”It’s like playing in a rock band”.

It was a pleasure meeting my Danish colleagues. Their passion? They are very passionate about testing. In fact, at lunch I had a nice conversation with a colleague who stated:

My true passion is working with static test data!

That’s dedication.

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I don’t work for bonuses

Bonuses don’t work. They do not lead to increased performance or better client satisfaction. What works is a job situation that includes autonomy (let me be part of decisions), mastery (let me improve) and purpose (let me define and understand purpose).

Do I work for free? No. Compensation has to take the money issue off the table. People don’t want to feel used, they want to feel fairly compensated. Above that, monetary incentives don’t work for any task that requires conceptual and creative thinking.

This has been my perspective for years. So, I was happy to see this attitude proven in scientific research (like in MIT and University of Chicago). Check out this video which illustrates a talk Dan Pink gave at a British version of TED.

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It’s like playing in a rock band

Just arrived in Jonkoping. Tonight, I will give my “It’s like playing in a rock band”-presentation at the Sogeti office. Lots of students are invited. Looking forward to running this show, on passion, skills and delighting the crowd, again!

It's like...

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