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Can you relaunch a site, just days after its birth? Maybe not, since a site that stops evolving is dead and you don’t want to call “Relaunch” every time you tweak. Well.. I decided to start over with the site design. Now, I’ll get some content going…

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WordPress learning experience

A simple start. Good to have a place to consolidate, but undecided on looks and design. I am discovering the impressive WordPress community, and lots of interesting theme options. I’ll look around and try things out.

This is an important learning experience. I’m learning WordPress architecture and PHP (my roots are in .NET), and I am figuring out the ins and outs of this vibrant community. I’m confident I’ll be able to leverage all this in coming assignments and projects.

… and the WordPress app for iPhone is very slick.

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This is it

So, I am starting my own blog. That might seem weird. I am already blogging on three other blogs (blog.sogeti.com/mobileblog.sogeti.com and blogg.sogeti.se), tweet frequently and write for Computersweden. More involvement in other media is in the near future.

Why spread out more? I am not.

This blog is about consolidating all I write and do into one place. I am feeding my tweets, blog posts from other blogs, links to columns I’ve writtten and articles in which I am interviewed, to this place.

And I have long wished for a 100% place. This is it.

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