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Tuesday thoughts

Tuesday thoughts… My journey into applied innovation started many years ago. In a sense, it started in Paris, 1998. My first meeting with a handheld device. I knew instantly that mobile would be a fundamental change driver. I didn’t know exactly where that insight would take me, but I remember thinking that I KNEW something about the future that not many more knew at the time.

I decided, on my own, to make applying mobile technologies to drive great customer experiences my “apple tree”. Plant it, care for it, and see it bear fruit. It did.

Building teams, seven global Microsoft MVP awards (Mobile Devices and Device Application Development), two co-authored books, 100+ columns and technical articles, significant global mobile projects, meeting C-level executives across all industries, a global delivery center in India, and so on.

Today, still on fire for applying innovation that drive real value (“Value in the making”): organizational innovation capabilities, platform-driven business, agile transformation, and emerging technologies such as machine learning, AI, data driven decision making, and automation.

I constantly find new reasons to be thrilled working with this team and with our customers! Learning and working for impactful applied innovation every day.

I love apples.

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