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Video: Relevancy, immediacy and reach

We just entered into “The You Era” and companies need to be obsessed by each customer’s individual needs and wants. Omnichannel solutions (apps, responsive webs, IoT, etc) need to be designed highly contextualized in order to maximize value. Relevancy, immediacy and reach are key characteristics.

Check out this video where I discuss digital solutions success criteria.

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Making travel easier – Webbdagarna 2013 (video)

Under the theme “Making travel easier”, Massimo Pascotto (Head of Innovation, SAS) and I give a presentation about the projects resulting in the smartphone and iPad apps from Scandinavian Airlines. The recording is from the event “Webbdagarna” held in Gothenburg 2013.

This is a shortened version, you can view the full video here… Several suppliers were involved in the development of the solution.

S57A4261 S57A4270 S57A4287 S57A4307 S57A4327

Photographer: Niklas Hillden

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Scandinavian Airlines – the app (video interview)

Scandinavian Airlines released their much awaited app recently and it’s currently one of the most downloaded apps in the Nordic app stores. I got a chance to meet with Massimo Pascotto, Innovation Manager at SAS, for a quick chat. Massimo manages the product and in the video, he shares openly about the core objectives of the app, key features, as well as what is planned for future releases. Check out the video and if you are on Twitter, he is at @MassimoPascotto!

Download the iPhone app…
Download the Android app…

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