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Malware on WordPress

Yesterday, I got some warnings about a potential malware or virus on my site. So I spent some time hunting down whatever caused the warnings. I picked up some valuable lessons in my hunt and I just want to share those.

  • I ran my site through a number of free online malware scanners and nothing came up
  • I found the online security company Sucuri and ran their free tests and still nothing came up
  • I signed up for a paid account and got their WordPress Security plug-in
  • Using Sucuri’s Security plug-in, I ran all their tests and STILL nothing came up. See these screenshots:
  • Then finally, I enabled Sucuri’s server side scanning, and that scan finally came up with a number of warnings, including malware warnings! See the following screenshot:
  • I issued a manual malware removal request and provided Sucuri with login to my site
  • A couple of hours later they mailed me and reported that they had removed all malware from my site
  • After having had malware removed, I followed their instructions and:
    • Changed my FTP passwords
    • Changed my administrator password and cleaned up accounts
    • Ran a virus scan on my laptop
    • Updated my site with all core files
  • I then deactivated and deleted plug-ins that I don’t use anymore
  • During this process I discovered that my hosting provider, Bluehost, runs backups of all my sites and has weeks of backups in place, if I needed to revert back to a previous date
  • Just to be safe, I downloaded the WP to Dropbox plugin and scheduled a daily backup to my Dropbox
  • I ran through all Sucuri’s “1-click Hardening”-commands on my site, closing holes and vulnerabilities and turned on continuos server-side scanning
  • Just because I’m so happy with Sucuri’s product and service, I added their badge on my site which links to my site’s listing on their site…

So there you have it. I learned a lot during this process, but I what I’m most happy about is to have found Sucuri. Their product worked really well and their service was super fast. Now, I feel much more secure knowing that their service constantly monitors the health of my site.

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Can you relaunch a site, just days after its birth? Maybe not, since a site that stops evolving is dead and you don’t want to call “Relaunch” every time you tweak. Well.. I decided to start over with the site design. Now, I’ll get some content going…

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WordPress learning experience

A simple start. Good to have a place to consolidate, but undecided on looks and design. I am discovering the impressive WordPress community, and lots of interesting theme options. I’ll look around and try things out.

This is an important learning experience. I’m learning WordPress architecture and PHP (my roots are in .NET), and I am figuring out the ins and outs of this vibrant community. I’m confident I’ll be able to leverage all this in coming assignments and projects.

… and the WordPress app for iPhone is very slick.

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