The window for “digital”

Digital strategy, digital transformation, digital innovation… How much longer will the use of the word “digital” still be relevant? For example, is it possible, in 2017, to have a business strategy which is not “digital”? Is it time to drop the word?

Today, most organizations, have come a long way on the journey to becoming truly a digital enterprise. Radically improving customer experience through context relevant, omnichannel solutions, digital twins of products and services, accelerating their workforce with realtime analytics driven decision making, and innovating business models using platform economy principles… they use digital to drive intensified customer obsession.

However, the fact is that still many organizations have yet to take even their first steps. Still stuck in old, physical-only, ways of doing business, some seem to believe it’s enough to have a static “home page”.

I believe that in times when companies win or lose depending mostly due to their ability to excel digitally, the window for the word “digital” is still open. But we are in twilight times. The window is closing quickly. Those that didn’t get it, will be gone, and for the rest, “digital” will be just “business as usual”.

I’m giving “digital” a best before 2018. Ten months to go.

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