Video: Building your personal brand

National IT-magazine Computersweden (IDG) has a career/recruiting site. I was recently video-interviewed on the topic of building your personal brand.

You can view the video below. It’s in Swedish… but here’s a translation:

“My name is Andreas Sjöström. I’m a developer and I manage Sogeti’s practice for online, mobile and Internet of Things. Building your own personal brand today is extremely important but it can be tricky, because the actual building of your brand must never be the primary motivation and drive for what you do.

For me, I’ve had two fundamental aspects in building my own personal brand:
The first aspect is the joy, passion, and love for what I do. Curiosity and the will to do something which is good not just for me but for others: the value. There’s tremendous amount of joy and passion in creating value.
The second aspect is the appetite and hunger to always learning more. There are always new things you can learn, in new forums and from new acquaintances. Learning is critical, especially in domains where you are not an expert to begin with, and then penetrate that.

When you build with passion and love, and skills and learning… when you use these things and make yourself available to others who seek it, need it… then your profile will be established as an expert. You’ll be recognized as being an expert.

So, for successful building of personal brand, you will need this:
that you then dare to claim your space, that you dare to be seen, that you are boldly confident, and sincerely humble with what you know.”

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