You rock, Josh Clark (@globalmoxie)

There are plenty of great iPhone artists. Design gurus, developers, and innovators. Then there is Josh Clark. If I could offer you only one advice in successful app design, it would be Josh Clark.
I came across Josh through a comment from Chris Forsberg (@chrisforsberg), who recommended Josh’s book “Tapworthy”. I picked up the book, and was immediately deeply impressed by the thorough approach Josh has towards what makes apps work. Since I read “Tapworthy”, I never leave stage when giving presentations about apps without mentioning the book.

What I like the most with Josh’s style and approach is that it is user oriented, best practice aware, self-experienced, and always thoroughly visualized, illustrated and communicated.
I looked Josh up on Twitter (@globalmoxie) and his Twitter-posts are always a source of app inspiration.

Josh is the central figure at O’Reilly’s “Best iPhone Apps” which regularly highlights only the best apps out there.

Josh is often featured on Slideshare. At the time of this writing, his “iPad Design Headaches” is the Top Presentation of the Day. Don’t miss the other seven of his top ranked presentations…
… so there you have it, folks. If you have the least interest in what makes an app work, please meet Josh. He rocks.

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