Mobile testing drives cloud solutions

Mobile testing continues to pose challenges. The combination of the value of testing on real devices, automating tests and regression tests, and keeping the list of target devices constantly up to date, is proving to be expensive and cumbersome. This drives cloud solutions for mobile testing, meaning utilizing real devices connected to the network, devices that more often than not are owned by a third party.

In a study conducted by Keynote, 26% of respondent companies engaged in mobile Web projects report that they test on more than ten device models, 35% are doing most of their testing on real mobile devices and less than 25% is automated.

For mobile app testing, 34% test on more than ten models, and the stats for real devices vs emulators and automation is about the same as for mobile Web testing. Read more in the article “Consumers Expect More From Mobile Apps”!

We’re engaged with IBM, HP, Keynote (DeviceAnywhere), PerfectoMobile, Bitbar (Testdroid), and more partners that provide cloud based and automated mobile testing. It’s not the only type of tool you need in your mobile testing toolbox, but it’s one that may take out the headaches of keeping an expensive range of devices updated in-house.

Don’t miss this video of PerfectoMobile’s solutions!


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