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Apps that make your travel easier

Let’s meet at Webbdagarna (“The Web Days”) in Gothenburg, September 26-27! I’ll be on stage with Massimo Pascotto, Innovation Manager at Scandinavian Airlines, to share our experiences in getting business apps into the hands of customers.

We’ll shed some light on going from mobile marketing to sales, what to keep in mind when designing apps and even give you a glimpse into what’s cooking in the Innovation Lab. Here’s a short intro video…

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Get yourself a Mobile App Factory

When Apple in May announced that 50 billion apps had been downloaded from its app store since it was launched in July 2008, many news stories focused on how difficult that made it for developers to get their app noticed and consequently to make a buck.

Enterprises face a different, more onerous set of problems ranging from reducing time from innovation to global delivery, to ensuring that the apps their employees are using are not going to prove a threat to the security of their corporate data and networks.

The mixed news for organizations is that the sheer volume of apps available to employees is set to accelerate. The same day Apple announced its landmark, Google revealed that 48 billion apps had been downloaded from its Play store to date, with 2.5 billion Android apps installed in the previous month alone. Apple reached the 40 billion mark as recently as January, with total downloads having doubled in 2012. While that growth promises to raise employee interactivity and productivity, it will also make it more difficult to test and manage applications and services across a growing range of devices, as well as to provide a seamless end-user experience.

Enterprises need a controlled, structured approach to mobile testing if they are going to head off critical aspects such as usability, performance and the potentially serious threats from viruses, malware and other security issues.

Yet our annual World Quality Report 2012-2013 shows that for most organizations quality assurance and mobile testing are carried out only occasionally and without a clear methodology: just 31% of respondents to this global survey said they currently tested their mobile applications. The good news: the majority of organizations expect testing budgets to rise between now and 2015; outsourcing of testing resources, in particular, is set to grow.

The primary testing challenges facing enterprises are manifold, ranging from platform fragmentation, user experience, device characteristics and performance, through to security, system integration and managing app distribution. Mobile testing, across a wide range of platforms and operating systems, will also need to be carried out on devices hosted in public and private cloud infrastructures.

More sophisticated testing methods and tools—including automation—will help. But as devices and applications proliferate, many enterprises will struggle to provide the necessary in-house resources for app development and ongoing management and testing. There is no doubt that innovative app development will be key to successful enterprise mobility strategies if companies are going to provide flexible, always-connected services to their employees and customers in future. But so too will be the ability to deliver ongoing testing and management of those apps in order to maintain a robust and secure environment.

To find out more about our Mobile App Factory and how we can help with all stages of your application lifecycle, don’t hesitate to contact me…

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Being real on app stores

I just read some articles about hotel managers and restaurant owners faking TripAdvisor reviews for their own facilities. I use TripAdvisor a lot and agree on the fact how bad it makes the hotel/restaurant look when it’s caught.
It’s just not real.

App store reviews are the same.
I want everyone to know that our policy is to never write reviews on or rate apps that we have been part of scoping, designing, developing or testing. What our customers are doing is out of our control, but we can control our own employees and also let customers know what is ethical on this matter. We must trust the work we have done and let the real users rate and review, and then take necessary actions when/if comments are negative.

Please do let me know if you come across a fake app store review you believe anyone from our team has posted, and we’ll have the post removed if this is the case. It’s important for us to being real also on app stores.

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Scandinavian Airlines – the app (video interview)

Scandinavian Airlines released their much awaited app recently and it’s currently one of the most downloaded apps in the Nordic app stores. I got a chance to meet with Massimo Pascotto, Innovation Manager at SAS, for a quick chat. Massimo manages the product and in the video, he shares openly about the core objectives of the app, key features, as well as what is planned for future releases. Check out the video and if you are on Twitter, he is at @MassimoPascotto!

Download the iPhone app…
Download the Android app…

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My favorite travel apps

A colleague asked in our Mobility practice about relevant travel apps, and I started to go through the apps I use in my frequent travels. In the screenshots below you can see the apps I use the most. Below the screenshots I explain briefly what I use the apps for.



  • WorldMate – keeps track of my flights and hotel bookings. I just forward confirmation emails to them and my account gets updated automatically. TripIt is another similar app and service.
  • Booking.com – My favorite app for booking hotels. It’s fast and easy to use.
  • FlightTrack – It tracks any flight, so you learn immediately if your flight is on time or delayed. It’s good to use also when you are picking someone up.
  • Skanetrafik – Schedules for trains and buses in Skåne.
  • Res i STHLM – Schedules for trains and buses in Stockholm.
  • Taxi Skåne – Book taxis in Malmö and Lund (Calling an operator is so… 2011!)
  • Taxi Sthlm – Book taxis in Stockholm (Calling an operator is so… 2011!)
  • Flygbussarna – Schedules for shuttles to and from airports
  • TripAdvisor – Online app for community driven information on sights, restaurants and hotels
  • TripAdvisor City Guides – Offline support for community driven information on sights, restaurants and hotels (Used it a lot in Tokyo. Saved me a fortune in not having to roam…)
  • WhiteGuide – Best restaurants in Sweden (found many “unknown” great places through this app!)
  • JetSetter – Inspirational app for great places to go to, and very good deals to book.
  • CPH Airport – Airport information for CPH
  • Foodspotting – Community driven service and app for best places to eat at. Photos of the real deal.
  • Bookatable – Restaurant booking
  • Hotels.com – Competitor to Booking.com, good for cross cheing
  • Skyscanner – Best app to find great flight deals
  • Tågtavlan – Domestic train info in Sweden
  • Trafikinfo – Current traffic status on the roads in Sweden
  • Bärgning – Great app and service if you need assistance on the road (Yes, I have used this…)

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