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Arduino vs Raspberry Pi

Two popular starting points for hardware / software projects include Arduino and Raspberry Pi. On the surface they seem to be similar, but they are really very different. Check out this video to learn what sets them apart.

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Internet of Things development tools and frameworks

Looking to get started on connected things? The good news is that there’s a vibrant community, tools and frameworks to help kickstart your efforts. Don’t miss the following mostly open source options:

  • Paho – scalable open-source implementations of open and standard messaging protocols
  • Koneki – tools for Machine-to-Machine solutions developers to help them develop, simulate, test and deploy their M2M applications
  • Mihini – an embedded runtime running on top of Linux, that exposes a high-level Lua API for building Machine-to-Machine applications
  • Mosquitto – a message broker that implements the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol
  • LWM2M – lightweight M2M server
  • Eclipse SmartHome – a framework for Smart Home solutions
  • Ponte – REST API to expose the machines needs through REST, exposing multiple protocols (MQTT, CoAP) through the same API (ongoing)
  • OM2M – an open source implementation of the ETSI M2M standard (ongoing)
  • Kura – aims at offering a Java/OSGi-based container for M2M applications running in service gateways (ongoing)



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The threat to the Internet-of-Things

Meet the new face of business. A few young, bright, hopeful innovators start a company on an Internet-of-Things-idea. They need someone hardware oriented, one software developer and a CEO. Most importantly, they need a huge PRE-ORDER-button so the project gets funding without the hassle of dealing with inquisitive VCs. The need to share product idea photos and videos is easily addressed by just linking to a public Dropbox-folder and by only prefixing the Internet site with “blog.” and starting a free Youtube-channel, you’ll have the standard formats of marketing for free. The company has virtually zero startup costs. This is cloud at its finest.

Check out a couple of typical Internet-of-Things-startups on typical Internet-of-Things-startup sites. Same format even down to the PRE-ORDER-button!


You’ll find plenty of almost identical setups on IOTLIST.

I’m thrilled to have the privilege to once more witness a new wave of technology innovation and hopefully really successful companies. My only advise to all of them, on behalf of the entire market, is to stay true to the passion of creativity, innovation and long term business focus. Don’t go to market with sloppy, half baked ideas, and the hopes of a quick buck through a lucky PRE-ORDER-process and a fat buy out from a bigger fish. It’s more than OK, it’s even a necessity, to experiment through shipping and then tweaking, but planning on customer interactions based on premium early adopter prices and virtually no quality assurance in production will put a broader adoption at risk and just delay the real breakthrough of adoption.

The threat to the Internet-of-Things is hype driven by sloppiness induced by low quality free stakes. The world is still virtually disconnected and we’re about to connect everything. Let’s do it with real passion for innovation, business focused creativity and long term sincerity.

PS. Note that I’m not saying the above mentioned companies are sloppy or insincere. I picked them only to highlight the identical go-to-market approach.

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