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What Nokia + Microsoft means

Today’s announcement about the strategic alliance between Microsoft and Nokia is an interesting move. Both companies have been suffering on the phone market and will now join forces. The alliance is important for both. Microsoft gets a premium phone maker and Nokia gets a global app platform. The following are the key points in the alliance:

  • Nokia brings its expertise on hardware design and its reach into a broader price range.
  • The two companies will collaborate on product development and have a common roadmap.
  • Bing will power Nokia’s search services across Nokia devices and services.
  • Nokia Maps will be a core part of Microsoft’s mapping services.
  • Nokia’s content and application store will be integrated with Microsoft Marketplace

My guess is that we will see the first Nokia phone running Windows Phone in time for Christmas 2011. In the meantime, the Windows Phone platform has got a vital energy boost.

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Windows Phone 7 – Wait and see

We are finally seeing Windows Phone 7 on the street.
I like.
  • Microsoft made the right decision in developing something completely new, rather than carrying forward the legacy of Windows Mobile.
  • Windows Phone 7 is geared towards consumer and I like the Xbox Live integration.
  • Windows Phone 7 is uniquely designed and stands out from competition in an innovative way.
  • Finally, Microsoft takes control of phone specifications and ensures a consistent user experience (that phone makers and carriers had a tendency to break).
I don’t like.
  • There is no global marketplace for apps. Saying that customers in unsupported markets have to register new international Live accounts just for apps is not a very good answer.
  • The platform is not feature complete. I miss tethering, copy & paste, multitasking, and a range of similarly missing features that competition has.
  • A zero market share.
In conclusion, the new phone has nice consumer potential, it is not yet a feature complete package (phone and marketplace) and the platform has a zero percent market share. Businesses wishing to explore the new app channel will be in a healthy wait-and-see mode. Wait-and-see will be the theme at least until 2012. By then Windows Phone 7 is likely to be feature complete, and businesses will have a market share number to consider and compare with competition. It’ll be an interesting year ahead!

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