Novell shows muscle

Tomorrow morning, I will speak at a Novell Mobility event in Stockholm. During my preparations for the event, I browsed through Novell’s suite of mobile products and it starts to look pretty complete.

At the core of Novell’s mobile platform is ZENworks Mobile Management with mobile device management and BYOD features. Beside this core, Novell has is working on an enterprise grade “Dropbox” solution called Filr. The product is still in beta and is scheduled for release in Q2 2013. Finally, Novell wouldn’t be Novell if they didn’t offer a strong printing solution for mobile devices, iPrint, which also is still in beta.

Once these pieces are available, Novell will be a relevant player in a market that so far has been dominated by SAP and then some niche players. Looking forward to the coming few months and what it all will look once released!



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