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Back in the MVP program!

I’m back in the Microsoft MVP Award community! No, I wasn’t awarded another MVP award – instead, I joined the recently launched MVP Reconnect-program!

Some of my first projects and online contributions related to Microsoft mobile technologies, and I was awarded several MVP-awards by Microsoft for my work. I made many friends through my years in the MVP-program, some I still engage with frequently. Therefore, I am glad to be onboard the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program again!

The MVP Reconnect-program is originated from Microsoft executives and former MVPs joining in comments like:

Several former MVPs grew in their careers and today, they are CTOs and decision makers. I have a lot of respect for these peers and I listen when they talk. Their experience is king and I would love to see them get involved with the community again! … I am missing the MVP networking and the people…. That energy is unique.

The program is now “a new venture designed to keep MVPs connected with Microsoft and with key professional communities”. The MVP Reconnect-program management writes:

The idea behind the program can be best described with an analogy from another industry: The Oscars are one of the most well recognized and prestigious awards in the film industry. From the moment someone wins their first Oscar, they become part of a very special community – that of Academy Award Winners – and they belong to this community forever, even if they don’t win an award every year. There is a very similar concept in our MVP community that we are helping to formalize: once an MVP, always part of the MVP community! … still deserve recognition for being a valuable part of the Microsoft ecosystem! We are very happy to announce MVP Reconnect!

MVP Reconnect is thus new a channel for me, and my team, to stay connected to other community leaders and Microsoft. As Capgemini Scandinavia CTO, engaging with partners – Microsoft and others (the list is long) – is of outmost importance.

And on a personal level: I am so looking forward to re-engaging with fellow MVPs where ever their careers may have taken them!

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Tuesday thoughts

Tuesday thoughts… My journey into applied innovation started many years ago. In a sense, it started in Paris, 1998. My first meeting with a handheld device. I knew instantly that mobile would be a fundamental change driver. I didn’t know exactly where that insight would take me, but I remember thinking that I KNEW something about the future that not many more knew at the time.

I decided, on my own, to make applying mobile technologies to drive great customer experiences my “apple tree”. Plant it, care for it, and see it bear fruit. It did.

Building teams, seven global Microsoft MVP awards (Mobile Devices and Device Application Development), two co-authored books, 100+ columns and technical articles, significant global mobile projects, meeting C-level executives across all industries, a global delivery center in India, and so on.

Today, still on fire for applying innovation that drive real value (“Value in the making”): organizational innovation capabilities, platform-driven business, agile transformation, and emerging technologies such as machine learning, AI, data driven decision making, and automation.

I constantly find new reasons to be thrilled working with this team and with our customers! Learning and working for impactful applied innovation every day.

I love apples.

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Mobile moments drive digital

“What should we focus on? Mobile? Omnichannel? Web? Or perhaps Internet of Things?”

The question was raised in the last few weeks in my meetings with several insurance companies and banks in Sweden, the Netherlands, and the UK. I’ll give my view in a few short bullets.

  • Your digital strategy needs to address customer engagement (external), operational processes (internal), and business model transformation.
  • SMACT needs to be injected into your products and services: Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Things (IoT).
  • An omnichannel view is critical. It’s both physical and digital.
  • Size of screen is never a basis for strategic level solutioning. Assume you need to support them all (as well as Things without screens).
  • Users need and want access to your products and services on mobile devices, and the best solutions drive relevancy from context (location, past behavior, transactions, etc) and are best modeled using “Mobile moments”.
  • “Mobile moments” is a modeling approach designed by Forrester Research and if you want to go deep, the book’s name is “The Mobile Mindshift”. The key idea is identifying that particular moment/place in time when/where the user needs and wants, and then optimize the feature set around that moment/place. In many ways, “mobile moments” drive the digital solutioning agenda today.
  • Assume that it’s just a microsecond from the “mobile moment” until it hits the company’s processes, people, and platforms. Therefore, you can’t really separate external solutions from internal. They are always connected to each other.

So, there you have some of the pieces of the digital puzzle.



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Airlines, apps, and entertainment

I recently visited Microsoft in Seattle and want to share what I noticed on my way going there and back. I shot some photos and videos of the digital touchpoints and digital marketing offered by United Airline and Alaska Airlines. Mobile, apps, social media, and modern inflight entertainment… Check out the photos and video below.

Inflight entertainment. You pay $8 for your own personal tablet filled with movies, music, and games.


Watching the Hobbit. Check out the napkin. All covered with digital touchpoints marketing.


… and on the other side of the napkin: social media engagement.


By the United Airlines gate: marketing of their apps.


The latest folder about connecting to Wi-Fi and their personal device entertainment.




… and not just Alaska Airlines uses their napkins to market their digital services, so does United.

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Mobile apps dominate Internet traffic

Last month was the first time ever that smartphone and tablet apps originated more Internet traffic than PCs (US data). In the article “Mobile apps overtake PC Internet usage in U.S” we learn that mobile devices originated 55% of Internet usage, which is interesting, but even more interesting is the fact that apps accounted for 47% vs 8% from mobile browsers. Clearly, users like to surf the web using a mobile browser but they prefer to go online using dedicated apps.

I am assuming most of this traffic is streaming media since traffic generated by streaming media grows almost exponentially. Streaming media apps are great examples to why native apps are most often better than their HTML-based siblings. Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Viaplay… the snappiness and excellent user experience and user interface design in these apps are extremely difficult characteristics to achieve using HTML only. Furthermore, the most popular apps are designed to do a few things extremely well, they are not all over the map with radically different features and content. This scoping aspect sets the app apart from a Web solution which excels in browsing and spanning across a broader scope of features and content dressed up in Web.

To conclude… if your site doesn’t render well on phone or tablet, you need to start your journey to responsive web design. After that, if you want to enable a long lasting experience with your customers, in narrowly scoped and beautifully designed solutions, you also need to be present in the channel where there is most Internet traffic: mobile apps.


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