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Digital Transformation

Who wins? What determines who wins in today’s highly competitive markets? The new digital economy establishes new best practices and rules, driving transformation in how companies and organizations operate.

We’ve found that companies which strategically drive a digital transformation program, significantly improve in value and performance. One of our most valuable tools in helping clients define and deliver winning strategies and solutions is a framework called “Digital Transformation” The framework is created and actively maintained by Capgemini Consulting and MIT Sloan Management Review. I intend to write a few posts on the Digital Transformation framework, particularly highlighting specific examples of what actually makes a digital leader today. The framework focuses on three major domains of transformation:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Process
  • Business Model

In each domain, the framework highlights a number of key transformation and technology areas, and examples of best practice solutions:


In collaboration with customers we help define detailed roadmaps which target both actual changes necessary of management, organization and processes (Transformation Management) as well as specific new digital solutions facilitating the transformation (Digital Intensity).

The framework is continuously updated through working with thousands of executives in 100+ countries. Capgemini Consulting publishes case studies, reports and framework updates frequently, and it’s a great source of business and technology insights. Below you will find the most relevant links and sources for Digital Transformation. But don’t worry… In the next few posts, I’ll consolidate and summarize what I’ve found to be the most valuable pieces. Stay tuned!

Digital Transformation sources


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Philips’ journey to digital

Forrester just published an incredibly interesting case study based on “Philips’ journey toward becoming a connected business”. The study provides an overview to the “strategic decisions that Philips has made to transform itself into a connected business under the auspices of Jeroen Tas, one of the most renowned technology visionaries in Europe, and who until recently was the CIO of Philips (he is now CEO, Informatics Solutions and Services at Philips Healthcare).”

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and listening to Jeroen Tas at one of Sogeti’s International Executive Council events. Jeroen is truly inspirational and so is the Philips story. From my point of view, what really stands out is the top management’s real transformational commitment and the major revamping of business and product development with the creation of interdisciplinary, cross-organizational teams.

The implementation of the CEO-lead “Digital Board” is also a demonstration of redefining products and services by both injecting digital propositions into existing portfolio, as well as building totally new business lines. If you can get your hands on the Forrester report, it’s well worth the read.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 15.31.54

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