DIY Internet of Things

You get nothing less than an avalanche of innovation when you combine best-of-breed in the current tech trends: the Internet of Things, 3D-printing, wearables and connected, embedded sensors, are starting to come together in easily available and affordable do-it-yourself kits. Everybody is about to become makers of things.

If you mix ingredients like Arduino, one of these 3D-printers, a little mechanics, and wireless connectivity, you can end up with a Tactilu. Tactilu is a wristband physically connecting you with that someone special even when you are far apart. It’s just one example, so if that doesn’t impress you; you can count on that just as we saw the app stores quickly fill up with millions of new ideas, we’ll soon see the same thing happen around ordinary things becoming enchanted! Check out the cool video below which even has some do-it-yourself inspiration footage.

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